Sodality Units

Units are expected to meet regularly for fellowship and to coordinate activities with the whole organization, such as the Bazaar and Altar Duty.  Unit Chairs and Co-Chairs are responsible for attending monthly Executive Meetings and communicating with members.

Units typically reflect a common attribute of members, to support both long term friendship and commitment to Sodality.  New members are welcome to join Sodality as individuals, either by joining an existing Unit or by spending time as an At-Large member before choosing a Unit. New members may also join in groups and form new Units.  Please contact the Prefect or the Vice Prefect for more information.

Unit Chairs and Co-Chairs
2016 - 2017

Unit Name Phone Email
Angelus  Mary Anne Corr  202.362.7259
Ava Maria  Maryann Luongo    

 Judy Sparrow &
 Mary Ourand


Mary Undoer of Knots  Mary Skorny &
 Susie Tanis

Morning Star  Pippa Lenderking 202.642.0265
Mother of Grace  MaryBethDonnelly
 & Susan Gorman

Mystical Rose  Linda McGunigal &
 Martha Le
Queen of Angels  Donna O'Neill &
 Maria Roginski


Queen of Peace  Pamela Brancaccio
 & Kathleen McKackin

Sacred Heart of Mary  Caren Carven
 Debbie Glynn

Sancta Maria  Cathy Healy
Star of the Sea  Jennifer Vermillion
 & Bev Wong

Stella Maris  Mary Shimp  703.201.9803