“Sodality (Roman Catholic Church) - A lay society for religious and charitable purposes.” 

In July 1910, Monsignor Thomas G. Smyth asked two women to care for a little mission church on Chevy Chase Parkway and to prepare its small sanctuary for the celebration of Mass on Sunday morning.  With this simple request began a long and proud tradition which continues today in the organization of the Blessed Sacrament Sanctuary Sodality.  For over 100 years, committed Sodalists  have been readying the Sanctuary for the eight weekend Masses and also  for funerals, weddings, and baptisms.  

The Sanctuary Sodality is, first and foremost, a society of women dedicated to fostering Marian virtue in daily life. We are comprised of small groups, Units named for attributes of Mary, each with its own distinctive charitable and spiritual focus.

To learn more about Sodality, please use the tabs on this website.  You are also welcome to contact the Membership Chair or any executive officer for more information.         


 The Miraculous Medal