Marriage Preparation


Thank you for your interest in participating in our Pre Cana ("Marriage Prep") program at Blessed Sacrament.  We would be delighted to have you join us!  Our participants have found that the Blessed Sacrament Marriage Prep course is extremely rewarding and we hope you and your fiancé(e) will be able to attend one of our monthly sessions.  

* If you have not met with a priest and scheduled your wedding date at Blessed Sacrament, please contact a priest at the parish center at 202.966.6575 at least six months in advance of your desired wedding date.

* If you are getting married outside of Blessed Sacrament but would still like to complete your Pre Cana requirements with us, we would be thrilled to have you join us.  Please see the information below.  We ask that each couple complete a short registration form so that we can enroll you into one of our monthly programs.  Please click on the link to complete this form and send it to Melissa and Dan Kearney at .  

There are two parts to our Pre Cana program.

1)  The first part is attending 3 sessions in the homes of married couples who lead our courses.  These take place in the evenings, generally on a weeknight, in the homes of two "presenting couples" (these are the couples who guide your program, offer personal examples and experiences, and facilitate discussion).  The setting is also very casual.  The sessions generally run from 7pm-9pm.

One of the priests from Blessed Sacrament will join you for the first and last sessions.   The subject matter for the sessions is interrelated, which is why your attendance is required at each meeting.  

2)  The second part is attending the Natural Family Planning Lecture, which is held three times yearly (winter/summer/fall).  This lecture is also referred to as the Humanae Vitae lecture.  

Our programs do fill quickly, and as soon as we have dates available for each session, we will be in touch so that you will have enough time to commit, as all of them are required.  Rest assured, we will make sure you are able to complete your Pre Cana requirements in plenty of time prior to your wedding date.

You and your fiancé(e) will be assigned some minimal homework for each session.  While it will not be collected, it will be a valuable catalyst for conversations between you two.  We will have a copy of the book “A Marriage in the Lord” for you at the first session.  You will be using this book for the course at the sessions and at home.


* Session I: We explore the impact and importance of our family of origin on our lives and our relationships and discuss and explore one of the essential elements of marriage - "communication."

* Session II: We discuss and explore the relationship between communication, as well as many of the issues and values that can cause conflict in marriage.

* Session III: We focus on marriage as a sacrament – why it is set apart as a means of grace and a sign of God’s love.  

The Natural Family Planning Lecture is held three times per year.  This lecture covers the Catholic Church's teachings on Human Sexuality, the Theology of the Body, Responsible Parenting, and Natural Family Planning.  We send out a notification about the upcoming date several weeks in advance to all registered participants.  The lecture lasts approximately 90 minutes and is held in the Parish Center at Blessed Sacrament.

The fee for the entire program is $75.  Once we have confirmed a monthly program with you, we will ask you to forward a check made payable to BLESSED SACRAMENT with a note in the corner for Marriage Prep.   Again, we will not ask for this payment until you are registered for a program.

Any questions can be directed to Melissa and Dan Kearney at 202.536.8878 or .