Receiving the Eucharist at Home or in the Hospital

If you or someone you know is homebound or in the hospital, please contact Father Bill Foley at 202.966.6575.  Our goal is to ensure that everyone who desires to receive the Eucharist but is unable to come to Mass is visited by a priest, deacon, or an extraordinary minister of communion. 

For the homebound, Blessed Sacrament has a homebound ministry, which ensures that those parishioners confined to their homes are visited on a regular basis by an extraordinary minister and by a priest once a quarter.

Priests and deacons visit local hospitals on a regular basis. If we know a parishioner is hospitalized, we will arrange a visit as soon as possible.   In addition, Sibley Hospital is staffed by two Catholic chaplains, including Father Thomas Duffy, retired pastor of Blessed Sacrament.  Suburban Hospital is cared for by the priests and extraordinary ministers of St. Jane de Chantal Parish in Bethesda.  Georgetown University Hospital is cared for by the Jesuit Community of Georgetown University.