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About the St. Pius X Parish Library

Become part of Blessed Sacrament’s Parish Library and its friendly people! Your library provides books, magazines, films, and CDs for the parish community. There’s an emphasis on great literature that specifically addresses Catholic interests. All parishioners are welcome to use the library and to borrow its contents. Also, library staff answer informational questions and can search the internet for you.

Groups are welcome to meet in the library and make use of its resources. The collection amounts to over 6,000 books, tapes, CDs, videos and DVDs. Subjects include fiction, biography, art, scripture, social justice and spirituality, as well as books for very young children. The goal is to reflect your interests and your suggestions for new books and CDs are welcome. If you would like to become a library volunteer, possibilities include: cataloguing and preparing new items for the shelves, helping parishioners find books, planning special events such as speakers and author signings.

If you can help or would like more information, please visit the library on the second floor of the Duffy Parish Center or contact our librarian, Ellen Roth, at 202.449.3974 or  .


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Father Thomas Keating and Centering Prayer
Thomas Keating, together with Basil Pennington, founded the group “Contemplative Outreach” ( It has succeeded in bringing centering prayer, “the contemplative dimension of Christianity” to a world-wide, diverse community of prayer including several groups in our parish.

The Better Part: Stages of Contemplative Living, gift of Devereux Weld.
The book begins with the Gospel account of events in the household at Bethany and the contrasting roles of Martha and Mary. Fr. Keating suggests that in reading and reflecting on Scripture (“Lectio Divina”) we will enter into a relationship with God and pave the way for centering prayer. The psychological processes that we traverse and the way that “contemplation builds community” are just some of the topics which make this volume an unforgettable read.

Consenting To God as God Is
Fr. Keating writes in a new introduction that this book’s title “is a way of describing the most fundamental exercise of Christian faith.” Between 2007 and 2009, he met annually with the Spanish and Portuguese branches of Contemplative Outreach and his daily presentations form this book. The themes for each year were “Consenting to Contemplative Service,” “Consenting to Self-Surrender,” and “Consenting to Transformation According to God’s Terms.”

The Heart of the World: an Introduction to Contemplative Christianity.
The inspiration of this book was a student’s desire to relate the contemplative tradition of Eastern religion to Christianity. The author is convinced that “the tradition of Christian spirituality and mystical wisdom needs to be presented today as an integral part of the proclamation of the Gospel and of Christian education. It is news to most of our contemporaries that there is such a thing as a Christian spirituality which can be experienced” (p.3). In response, Fr. Keating outlines the principles of that spirituality.

To borrow these and other books to enrich your reading, please call the library at 202.449.3974.

Library Inventory Help

We are hiring extra help this summer for a total of 50-60 hours. The assistant would help to enter items into our new database system. For more information or to apply, contact Ellen Roth at or 202.449.3974.