New Parishioners

A few years ago, Blessed Sacrament created a Welcome Committee to ensure that every new parishioner receives a warm welcome and is given an opportunity to learn about our parish and find ways to get involved. 

Twice a year the Committee hosts a welcome dinner for all new parishioners to gather. Welcome dinners are a wonderful way for parishioners to meet new people and learn about Blessed Sacrament. Please consider attending for a proper welcome to our community.  The spring Welcome Dinner will be held Friday, May 20 at 6:30 p.m. in the Parish Center.  For more details, please email Nancy Ryan at .

How to get involved:
Here at Blessed Sacrament, we’d love to have your involvement extend beyond Sunday mass.  There are a number of important ministries in our parish, which are ordered under five commissions.  Please click on the commission below to learn more:

•    Administration
•    Community Life
•    Outreach
•    Formation
•    Worship

Haven’t signed up yet as a new parishioner? To register online, please click here

Interested in Blessed Sacrament School? Click here for the school’s website and here for the application form.

We sincerely hope you will benefit from the many opportunities available in our parish to develop and enhance your spiritual life.

Chair of the Welcome Committee, Nancy Ryan, can be contacted at to answer any questions or requests.