The Two Faces of SHARE

  • Feb 28, 2017

The “Two Faces of SHARE @ BS”— Your Parish Food Co-Op

Many parishioners may be unaware our parish food co-op is an excellent source of healthy, quality, nutritious food at low prices you can use to make your meal budget go further every month.  This is our primary “face of SHARE @ BS.” Our parish food co-op receives a wide variety of food items from the SHARE warehouse which purchases a large volume of quality meats, seafood, produce and other items for its network of distribution sites, including Blessed Sacrament. SHARE uses its volume purchasing power and its cadre of volunteers to pass along amazing values.  For example, the contents of the monthly $21 Value Package would cost you about $43 at a local grocery store.  The parish sponsors the food co-op as a service for all parishioners, regardless of age, family size, income or location . . . simply stated, if you eat, you can use SHARE @ BS.

The “other face” of SHARE @ BS is its commitment to providing food to those facing financial difficulties.  We work with our Social Concerns Office and area charitable, nonprofit groups to provide food to individuals in need.  Generous donations from parishioners allow your parish food co-op to carry out the gospel message to feed the hungry. The parish food co-op started in 2009 and has grown substantially, serving parishioners with food bargains and donating to others who need some help.

Please take advantage of this amazing and valuable parish food co-op for yourself and reap the savings. And, if you can, please support the other face of SHARE @ BS so we can continue our community service.

Please click here to donate to SHARE or order a monthly SHARE package.