Registration now open for TMIY in Lent.

  • Feb 21, 2017


That Man Is You (TMIY), a program for men seeking to refresh their spiritual life, meets in the School Auditorium from 6:15 to 7:45 on Saturday mornings.  

TMIY includes a special series of sessions for the Saturdays of Lent.  Wondering what to do for Lent this year?  TMIY is both substantive and--given the early hour-- sacrificial.  It is a nationwide, transformative program that builds authentic Catholic male leadership.  

Each session includes a wonderful breakfast, a video teaching, and small-group discussion.  A core team of Blessed Sacrament parishioners runs the sessions. 

If you’d like to sample TMIY without registering, just drop by the Auditorium for any Saturday session, starting March 11, 2017. 

Or click here to register online.

Come join us. Learn more about your faith and how it can bring peace and purpose to your life.  TMIY’s teaching videos and small group discussions help you examine your life and let God renew it.

Connect: TMIY is an opportunity to develop and deepen friendships with other men of the parish.  

Integrate: TMIY is a practical way to more fully integrate your faith with your daily life, both at work and in the family.

That Man Is You: The Experience
by David Byers
From the Blessed Sacrament Newsletter, November 2016

The radio alarm jostles me awake at 4:30 AM.  Gentle music fitting the hour--a little Easy Listening.  Saturday morning: time for That Man Is You (TMIY).

I’m really not a morning person, especially when dawn is still just a remote hope.  All for a good cause, though.  I shuffle through my routine, wander out the door and into the car, check the clock that now shows 5:30.  Fifteen minutes to report to the Blessed Sacrament auditorium for TMIY.

The program aims to inspire, encourage and support authentic male leadership in the modern world—both at work and in the family.  The culture of the West--that is, Europe and North America--are now routinely labeled “post-Christian.”  That Man Is You is designed as an antidote to the secular pressure to conform we all live with.

The program is no picnic.  The sessions run from 6:15 to 7:45 on 13 more or less consecutive Saturday mornings, early enough not to disrupt other activities (sports events, weekend work, mowing the lawn) you may have planned for the day.  No other plans for the day?  Naptime when you get back home.

Each session begins with breakfast: fruit, bread, muffins, yogurt, even scrambled eggs prepared on site by members of the Core Team.  Fr. Alec’s opening prayer precedes a 30-minute video.  Next comes 30 minutes of small-group discussion of questions posed in the video.  Fr. Alec leads us in a closing prayer and we’re out the door.  A good, tight, focused program, sustained by participant donations.  It’s the men’s gift to Blessed Sacrament, which has to supply only the meeting space and the utilities.  

Authentic male leadership is a nice phrase, but what exactly does it mean?  You would have to join the program to get a full answer, but here’s a preview.  The leadership we’re talking about is specifically Catholic, grounded in sound social research, in Scripture, in church teaching, and in the lives of the saints.  It’s counter-cultural by today’s standards.  One session, for example, identifies the components of authentic leadership as follows: taking personal responsibility for what you do; showing clarity of thought and integrity of action; providing a foundation for your and your dependents’ future; and being willing to sacrifice to achieve your goals.   Jesus Christ is the model.

Interested men can stop by to see if TMIY is for them.  If you find it helpful, you can join us for the second semester, starting January 21.  If you decide to come, though, make sure to get to the auditorium by 6:15.  The scrambled eggs get cold.