Order your November SHARE package NOW!

  • Oct 27, 2017

Make nutritious food values your Thanksgiving Celebration Centerpiece -- from your SHARE Parish Food Co-op . . . and save up to 40% in the bargain!

Your SHARE @ Blessed Sacrament food co-op has lined up a savory selection at bargain prices for your Thanksgiving celebration. The healthy Value Package, just $22, has a 5-pound roasting chicken, pork sausage, Tilapia fillets, mashed potatoes, elbow macaroni, fresh sweet potatoes and 8 – 10 pounds of fresh seasonal produce. The specials include a Value Package and Turkey Combination with a 10 – 15 pound Butterball and the groceries listed above for just $44. The Thanksgiving Dinner special has a 10 to 15-pound Butterball Turkey, sweet potato patties, frozen corn and mixed vegetables, macaroni and cheese and apple pie for only $34. The Harvest Produce Box has an array of 8 fresh nutritional items for only $16.

To order, please click here.

Please order by Monday, November 6, at 5 p.m. Food distribution is Friday, November 17, 3 – 6 p.m.

For more information, leave a message in the Blessed Sacrament SHARE Voice Mailbox at 202.449.4611 or send an email to .

Gift and Donation Idea: SHARE packages make a great “Thank You” or “Thinking about you” gifts for a friend or someone who has helped you. Make yourself and others happy with nutritious food from SHARE @ BS! And, we always appreciate donations so we can provide those in need with holiday meals. Thank you.